Healthy Stretching at the office!

Before, during or after work hours

We visit your work place and offer a 35 minute stretching session which helps

Reduce stress

Lengthen your spine

Strengthen your upper body

Rebalance and re-align your body

Stretch out the physical problems from office life


Office Stretch is a great way for your team to take a time out from work and connect with your health! It is a great pleasure to see a rapid improvement in peoples posture and confidence due to our system. And of course, when our clients tell us that they feel physically better due to Office Stretch - well, that's why we're here!

We concentrate on upper body resistance stretching which does not require a change of clothes. So, Office Stretch - a 35 minute session- fits in easily around your working day. Some companies like to do it in their lunch break, others prefer it built into the work plan. 

We look forward to visiting you!

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